Indian Recipes

Indian Cuisines

One of the world famous dish of the Indian cuisines is the curry dish which wins its cordon bleu with the exquisite Indian art of blending herbs and spices.  The Indians are masters in skillfully blending the many spices and flavorings, often strong and sharp of themselves, into a smooth masterpiece of taste.  For the Western cook, do not worry if you cannot be like the Indian master.  There are now available in the market many types of pre-mixed curry powder that can produce equally the same excellent results.


The distinctive "Indian" flavor actually comes from a combination of cinnamon, powdered ginger, cloves, cumin and cardamom.  The added pepper or chillis constitutes to the pepperiness of the dish. 


Cooking secrets


The real secret of the art of cooking curry is to cook the spices a little before adding to the food.  One of the Indian way was using a long ladle which was shaped at its receiving end like a small skillet with high sides.  A little ghee is place into this ladle, adds the spices and then heat up for a few minutes.  The ladle with its ingredients is then plunged into the stew pot or degchi.  Another secret is to hermetically sealed the degchi, which has a tight fitting cover, by lining the rim with dough to prevent the steam from escaping.


Besides the famous curry dish, you will be surprise and amaze by the many other delicious Indian dishes if you truly have an adventurous palate.  So start your adventure and exploration into our collection of the famous curry recipes and other equally delicious easy Indian food recipes.


Indian Recipes

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  1. Chicken Tandoori
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  1. Curried Goose
  1. Fried Indian Bread or Puri
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  1. Kheera Dahi or Cucumber Yogurt Drink
  1. Kulfi - Indian Ice Cream
  1. Mulligatawny or Chicken Vegetable Soup
  1. Orange Flower Water
  1. Piquant Shrimp

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